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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  June 10, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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now from washington's leading news station, this is news 4 at 11:00. >> tragedy near auburn university. three people dead. three others injured. and the gunman is still on the
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loose. >> one last look at u street. why it won't look this way ever again. and it's called the truman show. delusion. why psychiatrists are starting to see patients who are convinced they live in a reality show. good evening. we begin with another scorcher. the two hottest days of the year hammered us. let's get details from chuck bell in storm center 4. >> two days in a row back-to-back 90s around here. our hottest weekend since last summer. yes, indeed, we need a little koo cooling relief to come our way. you'll start to notice the changes on monday. high temperature today in washington, 92 degrees. it was our first weekend with back-to-back 90ss since last year, august 6th and 7th. that was a hotter weekend than this. a 93 and 97-degree day that weekend. no worries first thing on monday. may have showers before your monday is through. the middle of the week looks
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awfully soggy. how do people deal with this sneet the hot weather making it tough for any outdoor activity this weekend. hundreds of thousands of girl scouts were in town for their 100th anniversary celebration. today they visited mt. vernon. they also spent the day drinking a lot of water. and trying to stay in the shade. ♪ thousands who went out for the annual capitol pride festival in d.c. also had to find ways to stay cool. they got some help from a ladder truck and giant water hose. in alexandria, some people eat beet the heat by heading on to the water. they took a cruise down the potomac. others stayed inside and enjoyed some nice, cold ice cream. to other news. a manhunt continues in alabama after a deadly shooting near auburn university. police say a gunman opened fire at an off-campus party killing three people. now the fbi is involved in the investigation. news 4's darcy spencer is here
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with the latest. >> police say they know who pulled the trigger but so far he is not in custody. a 22-year-old man with no connection to the university is the subject of that intense manhunt. 22-year-old desmonte len sard the suspect in a shooting that left three dead and three more wounded near the campus of auburn university saturday night. among the dead, two former auburn football players. >> we earlier today signed three warrants charging him for capital murder. >> reporter: police say the gunfire erupted at a pool party near campus. reports indicate a fight broke out over a woman and the suspect opened fire. vines says he was at the party and witnessed the bloodshed. >> they went from us chilling with all these females to a massacre for no reason at all. >> two of the dead have been identified as edward christian and ladarious phillips, both former auburn football players. the third murder victim was identified at demario pitts, all
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three were 20 years old. >> six young people have been shot, and as you can tell, the community is shaken by this and grieving today. >> investigators, people are rung down the road as we pulled up. people being escorted into cop cars. it's just scarey to know that here i am trying to move out on my own and i come home to this. >> police say the suspect has no link to the university. he's from montgomery, alabama, and that city is the focus of the manhunt. >> we won't rest until he is located. and i would like to let the public know he is to be considered armed and extremely dangerous. current auburn football player eric mack was among the wounded. his injuries are considered to be life threatening -- nonlife threatening. >> thank you darcy. former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky will go on trial tomorrow. sandusky charged with 52 counts of child sex abuse. prosecutors say he molested ten
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boys over a 15-year period. they say he met his victims through his charity, the second mile. tomorrow, both sides will give opening statements. eight of sandusky's accusers are also lined up to testify. sandusky has pleaded not guilty. if he's convicted, he could spend the rest of his life behind bars. >> the man who drove his suv into the lobby of a downtown office building friday will face a judge tomorrow. 32-year-old charles ball has been charged with assault with intent to kill. police say the front seat of the jeep was doused with gasoline when he drove it into the building on connecticut avenue. the police report also says ball tried to ignite the gas with a lighter but failed. ball is a registered sex offender in maryland. live pictures from u street tonight. get a good look because it won't look like this ever again. a $5 million construction project kicks off tomorrow. stretches between ninth and 14th streets. it will bring wider sidewalks, more parking. but not before creating bigger
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headaches. news 4's derrick ward explains. >> reporter: it's a major east/west artery through what has become a major commercial strip and, come tomorrow, a year's worth of phased construction will begin on u street. the first phase starting at 9th and u. starting at 9th street. we're going to be moving westbound toward 14th street. we'll start on the north side first. complete that section and then jump back to the -- jump over to the south side. >> the coroner won't be shut down but expect choke points at construction sites where one travel lane could be lost. merchants here at the beginning of the project are a bit anxious about the months ahead, concerns that the march of progress and improvement will be a business hinderring burden. >> it's hard to tell. i don't think it will be. >> we want to make sure that our clients are still -- it will be easily accessible for them to get to us. >> but the d.c. department of transportation says they want to see that the work is carried out with the least disruption to commerce and traffic.
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and the coroner will remain open. the work will actually be carried out between 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. so as to ideally be out of the way when things get bust ling even more on the corridor. >> there's a lot of places that tend to be mostly nighttime joints. during the weekdays, i never really see much traffic down here. >> the lines are in the street and the signs will be going up soon. and it's not so much what happens in the next few days. when the construction starts. a lot of these merchants are just as concerned about what happens when it's over. >> u street is vibrant. we're happy to be here. >> reporter: in northwest, derrick ward, news 4. >> we're learning more about a man found dead near his apartment in fairfax county. the body of barat patel was found early yesterday morning in reston. police are still trying to figure out exactly how he died and they are looking for a suspect in connection with the incident. here's a sketch. today we learned patel was the owner of a dunkin donuts
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franchise. we send our deepest sympathies to the friends and family of bharat. this tragedy impacts aufls at dunkindonuts. especially those who had a pleasure to work with him on a daily basis. former egyptian president hosni mubarak is in critical condition tonight living on liquids and yogurt. a security official says mubarak is slipping in and out of consciousness. he started serving a life sentence eight days ago for allowing protesters to be shot during the uprising against his regime last year. prison leaders say mubarak has an irregular heartbeat and neats help breathing. his wife was granted a special visit today. she reportedly lashed out at prison wardens for not allowing her husband to get medical care outside of the prison. congress turning up the heat on the white house tonight. lawmakers want to know who let several pieces of classified national security information go public. the leaks included details on a secret cyberattack against iran,
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drone strikes on suspected terrorists and a foiled al qaeda plot to bomb a u.s.-bound airliner. republicans are accusing the white house of leaking the information to improve the president's re-election chances. >> it's obvious on its face that this information came from individuals who are in the administration. >> the notion that my white house would purposely release classified national security information is offensive. >> attorney general eric holder appointed two u.s. attorneys to investigate the leaks. but some lawmakers are calling for an independent investigation. a rare public appearance from former arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords today. she visited a phone bank to drum up support for her ex-aide ron barbour. barbour running for giffords' old seat. she gave up to focus on her recovery from being shot last year. voters in arizona's eighth
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district will head to the polls on tuesday for a special election to fill the seat. barber is running against republican jesse kelly who lost to giffords in 2010. the only woman to ever lead the university of virginia is stepping down. teresa sullivan became the school's president in 2010. school administrators say her resignation is a mutual decision between her and uva's board of visitors. in a statement, sullivan said she and the board had a philosophical difference of opinion. her last day will be august 15th. school administrators will move quickly to name an interim president and start searching for a replacement. coming up, a megachurch pastor uses the pulpit to address his child cruelty charge. what he says really happened during a fight with his daughter. plus, another jersey shore cast member gets arrested. who is in trouble now. and what they did this time. it's called the truman show. delusion. why psychiatrists are starting to see more people convinced
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they are living in a reality show. and the video of the day. a family of ducks gets lost on the highway and chaos ensues. coming up on "sports final," the nats trying to make it a boston sweep party against the red sox at fenway. the wizards are sticking with randy. dan hellie catches up with the new old head coach randy whitman. and we're talking nba finals with mike wise. k.d. or lebron. we'll tell you what he's got all coming up on "sports final" right after the news.
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more evacuation orders for people in northern colorado as a massive wildfire rages on. officials say the fire has covered 14,000 acres in just 36 hours. one person is confirmed missing from a home destroyed in the
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blaze and colorado's governor says others may be missing as well. firefighters are working by ground and air to get things under control but right now the wildfire is not contained at all. mega church pastor preflo dollar got a standing ovation during services at the church in atlanta. dollar was arrested friday. after his 15-year-old daughter accused him of choking and punching her. the pastor says his daughter wanted to go to a party and he wouldn't let her go. police say dollar admitted to spanking his daughter and wrestling her to the floor after she hit him. during his sermonoday he called any other details in the police report exaggerated. >> the truth is, she was not choked. she was not punched. >> dollar's 19-year-old daughter backed up his other daughter's story to police. world changers international has 30,000 members in the atlanta area. jersey shore cast member dina cortezi is facing a
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disorderly conduct charge tonight. police arrested the 25-year-old reality star this afternoon in sea seaside heights, engine enemy. she appeared to be intoxicated and an officer spotted her in the middle of the street slapping cars that were driving by. after she went to jail, police let her go. cortezi and the rest of the cast just started filming the latest season of jersey shore last week. and the popularity of shows like jersey shore has some people thinking their lives are part of a reality show. it's a real illness. and those who suffer from it think they are being taped to entertain people. nbc's janet kwak explains the truman show syndrome. >> oh, jersey shore. >> kardashians. >> the bachelor. >> reality shows are everywhere. >> a lot of times it's more exciting than my life. >> now a new report shows how the impact of pop culture is shaping mental health. >> it's the truman show. >> a recent study by a pair of new york scientists claims there's a rise in what's called the truman show delusion.
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named after the 1998 movie where jim carrey's character realizes his entire life was a secret reality show taped for tv. one patient in the study was actually convinced the 9/11 attacks were faked for his own show. >> i'd say it was mostly the last decade in whichlp you are starting to see evidence of this syndrome. as a reality show gets more publicity, as the public watches it so much more. >> reporter: beverly hills clinical psychologist philip pierce explains -- >> could be paranoia. >> reporter: the syndrome isn't from watching too much tv. >> i don't think this is a cause of a disease. it's just the way that the illness expresses itself. >> with youtubers and twitter celebs earning star status overnight, it may be no surprise more people are convinced they have become the next snooki. >> it's more visceral. you get to see what's real or real, you know what i mean? >> janet kwak reporting. the syndrome is most common
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among young white males. they say it can be treated with medicine and therapy. chuck, do you ever feel like you are in a reality show? you are on the air so much over the weekend. >> weather reality sometimes isn't the same as truly relate. it's like raining in the computer isn't quite the same as rang on your yard. it was supposed to be raining today and -- >> depends on the effects you have in your computer, how real they are. >> all the power is imagined up here. >> we do need the rain. we're about five inches behind in rainfall for the year and rain is in the forecast. not in the immediate future, though. so you still have time to go to this particular d.c. landmark. ben's chili bowl up in northwest on u street. oh, if you have not had yourself a half smoke you are missing out, my friends. that is a d.c. landmark right there. beautiful night outside tonight. temperatures are still on the mild side. 80 degrees in downtown washington. winds are out of the south averaging only 5 miles per hour. and those southerly winds will
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continue to hold temperatures up tonight compared to the last few nights. 80 at national. fent in waldorf and la plata. 66 in winchester. a lot of the remote valleys and sheltered spots will have a cool start. our high today, 92. and, believe it or not, our sunsets, 8:30 or later. only 45 days a year. our sunset today was 8:33. we get those sunsets after 8:30 for about the next three weeks. get outside and enjoy it. the next change that's coming is going to be a wet one. heavy rain across georgia and south carolina. now, that's going to continue to inch its way northbound here over the next 12 to 24 hours. i think first drops in and around the metro washington area are probably sunsettish or later tomorrow. could getñi some drops toward charlottesville and southern end of the shenandoah valley. a little earlier. more like 4:00, 5:00 in the afternoon time frame. high, thin clouds out there. muggy is really starting to move
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in. you can see by 7:00 tomorrow night, we've had one little possibility. chance of rain. but the bulk of the moisture is well behind that. the heavy rain possibilities start to show up for tuesday afternoon, tuesday evening time frame into the front half of wednesday. and then we'll have to wait and see. there are signs of a little area loave pressure starting to develop near the chesapeake bay. that may linger rain chances. going to the beach for an early week getaway? not going to be the best week at the beach. tomorrow will be fine. rain likely by tuesday and rain chances at the beach much higher this week than in and around town. overnight, just high clouds on the increase. no weather problems to get your monday started. could still reach 90 degrees if we get some bonus sunshine before the clouds sneak in. 30% chance of rain tomorrow. that's mainly west and south of washington. tuesday and wednesday, that's the real deal. we could get one to two inches of rain here over the course of the system and then thursday, the precautionary drop in there. we have to wait and see this
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area of low pressure. rain on the computer and rain on your vacation. we'll have to wait and see. the end of the week forecast is low confidence for now. >> tuesday is the real deal. >> tuesday will be wet. >> okay. thanks, chuck. still ahead, why some of the redskins want you to pay to play video games with them. and nadal not
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here's amber. and the nats sweeping it. weekend here? >> i think you are the good luck charm. you come to washington. >> they are never going to lose again. >> it's all because bryce harper will be back and his back won't hurt. i'm going to call that oneñr li you called the sweep. the nationals have a little breathing room in the n.l. east. today's sweep puts the nats two games ahead of the braves. bryce harper wasn't in the starting lineup. he's nursing that sore back but the man child was healthy enough to pinch hit and scored the
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game-winning run. let's go to fenway. johnson said harper is receiving treatment. harper said he's going to be just fine but he did start the day on the bench. top of the ninth, tied at three. roger bernadina up. bryce harper on first after a pinch hit walk. bernadina laces one to right. harper took off with the pitch. and look at him. he's booking it. he gets help from the sox with the bad relay throw. harper scores the go-ahead run and puts the nats up 4-3. bottom of the ninth, tyler clifford on. he's been nasty. he's looking to go 8 for 8 in saves opportunities. he gets dustin pedroia to end he game. he struck out the side. the nats win, 4-3. baltimore orioles looking to take the rubber match. we go to extras. bottom of the tenth. matt weiders gets ahold of the pitch. going back. and that is off of the right
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field wall. here comes adam jones. he's all the way from first, and he would score the game-winning run safely. a walk-off rbi by weiders and the orioles win, 5-4. this is their ninth straight win in extra innings which is a major league record. french open final. raphael nadal looking for a record seventh title at roland garros. djokovic trying to win four straight grand slams.r djokovic serving in the fourth set trailing two sets to one. trying to go up two games to none in this set. he gets it done. nadal drops eight straight games and he's not happy with playing in the rainy conditions. he shows the ump the wet ball. pvake a look at that. pretty wet out here. after the next game, play is suspended once again. it would not resume. the match is called. so play will resume tomorrow at 7:00 a.m. eastern time. you can catch the remainder of the french open final on our nbc
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sports network which you'll find on these channels depending on your satellite or cable provider. make sure you note this. it will not air here on nbc 4. so we don't want anybody calling saying, where is it? it's going to be on nbc sports d network, not on nbc 4. and coming up on "sports final," in just a few, we check in with the redskins where the new head coach rahim morris is making the secondary a primary focus. joe gibbs racing comes up big at pocono raceway. plus our old friend mike wise joins me for our roundtable. we're talking broisokxdok harbr harper. >> the match is not going to be here on nbc 4. it will be on our nbc sports network. >> but if it goes long, am i allowed to be late for work in the morning? yes, you can do whatever you want. you are the new guy. it's like the honeymoon period. >> that will end the honeymoon. ♪
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but that didn't change a thing. because i still serve my country, i just wear a different uniform. [ male announcer ] citi is joining kari miller to give back to the paralympic military & veterans program. join the movement at and help citi help u.s. athletes make a difference. together, every step of the way.
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several redskins players took part in a global video game tournament today. it's for a great cause. fans paid to play against the players as part of the red rush to zero campaign. that's a global effort to raise awareness and money to help eliminate mother to child transmission of hiv by the year 2015. according to its website, the campaign hasñi raised $190 milln for aid to africa. twitter entering the world of television today. company's first tv ad ran during the pocono 400 nascar race. the 16-second clip features nascar racer bradfá keselowsk d
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and -- he's telling viewers he can see what -- they can see what he sees by logging on to twitter. that's what he's doing there. >> he's a young racer. so they are appealing to the young crowd. he's a rookie out there. why not get the young guy to promote twitter. that's who is on it. >> all right. moving on. this is important, folks. a kitten became a social media sensation down inçó tennessee. finally safe and sound tonight. kitten was trappedçó in a pipe underground in memphis for days and while she was stuck she, got her own facebook fan page and a twitter handle. and maybe a tv ad. finally yesterday plumbers and about a dozen volunteers finally got her out. one of the plumbers -- >> how does she tweet with her paws? >> i don't know. but they did rescue her and the plumber is going to keep her and they've decided to rescue her piper. get it? >> i like it. coming up next, traffic jams aren't usually this
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big traffic jam on a highway in washington state. it wasn't because of a accident. it was because of ducks. a mother and her three ducklings were out for a walk yesterday. clearly they took a wrong turn. police tried to help them for a little while. they gave up and then these good samaritans took over where the police left off. eventually they got all the ducks to a safe place and the whoever said that "less is more"
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